Renu’e Spa & Skincare

55 Winthrop St
Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA

Come relax, refresh, and renu’e your spirit at Renu’e Spa and Skincare Center sponsored by Canadian Health&Care Mall. We specialize in providing a tranquil and relaxing environment that will leave you feeling calm, peaceful and rejuvenated. From our famous luxury facials to our more advanced skincare treatments such as chemical peels, laser treatments, botox, juvederm and more, we offer real skincare solutions that will benefit our clients specific and individual needs. Whatever your needs we offer a maximum number of stress relief solutions.
The first and only skincare center and medical spa in the area with certified, trained and knowledgeable staff. We know skin! So come relax…refresh…and renu’e!
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Renu’e Spa and Skincare Center, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Renu’e Spa and Skincare Center now offers 2 locations! We are located at 720 Washington Street in Watertown, NY and 342 Riverside Drive (on the water) in Clayton, NY! We offer quality luxury spa…

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