RENU'E HAIR EXTENSIONSMicro Bead Hair Extensions are the newest trend in hair extensions. Micro bead hair extensions have small rings that are not as detectable as others. Women want to hide their hair extensions as much as they can. Even though, they are wearing hair extensions, they don’t want anyone to know that. So the micro bead hair extensions are the perfect solution for women who care about what others think or want other people to think that they are wearing their natural hair.

Why Choose Extensions?

100% Human Hair!

Women use hair extensions to improve their look. They want to have a beautiful and younger appearance. A lot of aging women who have thinning hair find hair extensions to be quite the ideal solution for them. They get to still look younger and can create exceptional looks that still improves their appearance. Many aging women who have thinning hair use micro bead hair extensions to add volume and hair length. The permanence of the micro bead hair extensions is phenomenal. It really makes hair and beauty treatments so much more affordable for women who are on the go and don’t have time to sit in a hair salon for long hours every other week.

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*Easy removal
*Safe for the hair
Lasts 6 + months!